Sussex Vats

A list of the 65 historic A.O.F.B. Vats in Sussex can be found on the Historic Vats page of this web site. There are an additional 3 Vats listed in the A.O.F.B. members handbooks as being in Sussex. County boundaries may possibly have changed over the years, although evidence suggests these 3 Vats have always been in Kent and Surrey. Follow the links on the  Historic Vats page for information on each of the Vats.

Today our aim is to keep the A.O.F.B. flag flying in our local area and establish our own Vats. Having been introduced to the history of The A.O.F.B. a group of intrepid Sussex drinkers set up their own Vat at The Watermill Inn, Burgess Hill in November 2013.

The main archivists are The Friends of the Frothblowers based in Birmingham and earlier this year Sussex Frothblowers joined them at Vat Zero at Fittleworth near Pulborough for the annual plaque wetting. Further events are held throughout each year. Money is raised for charity through our own fines system and the Sussex Group supports the charity of the local pub where they are based for their various meetings.

Following initial success at The Watermill the Sussex Group now wants to expand across the county. This will include establishing new Vats and visiting historic ones. Clearly we are unable to follow the populist rule of the 1920’s requiring a minimum of 25 Blowers to be recruited to form a Vat. Instead after a very successful first year we are now branching out and have formed links with The Quench Bar, Burgess Hill and The Brewers Arms , Lewes. It is hoped we can expand further into Brighton and Worthing.

For those interested in visiting the historic Vats we have our own Ex Vats Ale Trail. To do this you need to join our closed Facebook group: Froth Blowers Sussex Ale Trail

FOFB at Sussex Vats: Vats Ale Trail

The following pubs are on our Sussex Vats Ale Trail. The first five are our adopted Vats while the remaining 15 are all ex Vats currently selling real ale.
The Ale Trail  began on 1st August 2016 and ended on 27November 2019
A certificate will be awarded to Blowers completing the Ale Trail.
Details for completing the Ale Trail must be by using the Closed Facebook Group Page:
Froth Blowers Sussex Ale Trail
This should be done by posting a “selfie” on the page of the Blower drinking either in front or inside the pub using a background that can be identified as that particular pub.
Adopted Vats:
Vat Status Pub Name Location
Adopted Watermill Burgess Hill
Adopted Quench Burgess Hill
Adopted Brewers Arms Lewes
Adopted + Stafford Vat Fiddlers Brighton
Adopted Craft Beer Co Brighton

Ex VATs:

Kings Arms VAT Billingshurst

VAT Dorset Arms Brighton
Brighton VAT Old Ship Hotel Brighton
Aunties VAT East Street Tap (Fishbowl) Brighton
Downs VAT Downs Hotel Brighton

VAT Eastgate Chichester
VAT The Railway Crawley
Marine Hotel VAT The Marine Eastbourne
Vat “0” Swan Inn Fittleworth
Portland VAT Stoneham Hove
Freemasons Arms VAT Freemasons Hove
Hove VAT Sussex Hove
Hove Lawns VAT Iron Duke Hove
VAT Volunteer Lewes
VAT Dolphin Littlehampton
VAT Ship Hotel Newhaven

The closed group page can also be used by members for recommending new beers found on their travels.