In line with the original A.O.F.B. we raise money for charity through the collection of small fines at our gatherings:

Fines to be paid by Members:

– such fines to be due at regular Vat meetings. Fines at any other meetings to be agreed in advance E.g. Out Meetings and other gatherings. It is suggested The Oast Box be present so that members are aware that any fines are liable. (An Oast Box was the original collecting box for members fines. These can sometimes be found as rare items on e bay and in some case contain a music mechanism that plays the A.OF.B. anthem).


– No cufflinks displayed at Vat meetings (if owned) -£1

– Late attendance at Vat meetings-£1

– Non appearance at Vat meetings (without reason) – Buy an extra round of drinks at next meeting

-The Zestful Gallopers Booklet not brought to the Annual General Meeting-£1

– Not wearing red white and blue apparel at Vat meeting or Annual General Meeting-£1

– Spillage (where unnecessary) – 50p

– Addressing Blowers by wrong number-50p

– Getting title of FOFB at Sussex vats title wrong-50p

– Not responding to electronic methods of communication including invites to future meetings via Facebook, emails, text etc. – £1

– Failure to read the minutes of the previous meeting – £1

– Misconduct-any action unbecoming in the eyes of any other member in attendees-£1


– An attendance fee to be introduced to help raise funds -£1

We are endeavouring to find an original Oast Box but in the meantime we have our pound sterling box and other such receptacles that come to hand on the night!

Updated at the Annual General Meeting held on 29th October 2014


Bob Oliver

Senior Blower (FOFB No 268)