Eastbourne Headquarters Vat

Kings Arms Hotel, 222 Seaside, Eastbourne.

Monsoon K. Cheshire.

The hotel was rebuilt in 1900 and is now of significant local historic interest. Its entrance lobby has a mosaic floor inscribed “KINGS ARMS HOTEL” with the top panel depicting a couple of eighteenth-century anglers in 18th century dress pulling up in their boat alongside “Ye Kings Arms” with the landlord bearing a tray containing a bottle and glasses to fortify their spirits.

The main bar is now open plan, but various room names in the several doors show how it would originally have been compartmentalised. It retains the original panelled bar counter with bracketed pilasters at regular intervals.

The large rear function room has two skylights. The body of the room has a deep frieze with cartouches displaying a woman naked but for a discreetly placed towel. The elaborate frieze below the skylights have panels of putti dancing, playing musical instruments and playing (putti are figures in a work of art depicted as chubby male children, usually nude and sometimes winged).