Terminus Hotel Vat


Terminus Hotel, 26 Station Road, Bognor.

Blower G. Madge.

Terminus Hotel Vat 2

Photograph made available by Sussex On Line Parish Clerks.

The two ladies in the above photograph (double click on the photo for a better view) are walking towards the Terminus Hotel immediately in front of them.

On 1st June 1864, the Barnham to Bognor railway branch line opened, and the railway finally reached Bognor. At the time many thought this would change the town forever but, Bognor remained a rural town run by and for the landed gentry and upper middle classes that visited it for their health and relaxation up until the end of the 19th century, just as Sir Richard Hotham who built the town had intended.

The current railway station was completed in 1902 after the previous stations had burnt down, and the Terminus Hotel was probably built shortly afterwards. There was great controversy in 1907 when the Railway Company broke its agreement with the town authorities and started encouraging day-trippers to Bognor. Many believe that was when the town started its slow decline.  In 1910/11 the population of Bognor was 2,000 and in summer this was boosted by 5,000 day trippers.

Before the Terminus Hotel had a refurbishment and became in recent times “The Station”, a head Doorman commented “what a difference the pub is now, not the drug crazed place to be with all pub watch in it. It’s a nice place to drink, with resident DJ Paul on Friday and guest student DJ’s on Saturday, with 4 pool tables and regular games of killer at weekends with the locals and visitors”.