Scotch House Vat

The Clarendon, 80 East Street, Brighton.

Blaster Hinwood.


Photograph made available by the James Gray collection/Regency Society

The Clarendon Hotel at the sea side end of East Street was built in 1870 on the site of small baths known as Brill’s Bunion. The Clarendon Hotel later became Clarendon Mansions where the ground floor was being used as a pub and the upper floors as flats. As it approached its centenary there was talk of replacing Clarendon Mansions with a new tall block of flats but instead it was refurbished with the flats on the upper floors re-sold.

The pub on the ground floor was originally called The Clarendon before beoming the Varsity and then the Mariner. The Mariner is currently closed and boarded up.