Friends of the Froth Blowers At SussexVats

(Formerly at The Watermill Vat)

Also known as FOFB Sussex

Rules and Aims

The following is a summary agreed at meetings of FOFB at Sussex Vats:

  1. Discuss and agree other aims and mission of  FOFB at Sussex Vats (Formerly FotFB at The Watermill Vat).
    It was agreed that we would:
  2. – Contribute to all our adopted Vats fund raising events
  3. – Increase membership through various forms of communication. Any member achieving introduction of 25 new members would receive the Title of Blaster, and other titles as set out in the AOFB handbook as per the number of members so achieved.
  4. – Produce and distribute leaflets about the organisation at  beer festivals being attended by members
  5. – A Friends of the Froth Blowers at the Watermill Vat Facebook Page has been created but has now been superseded by Froth Blowers at Sussex Vats and this should now be used by all members for communication
  6. – A Vat trail to be organised to visit old Vats
  7. – Data base of current, and future, members to be created. Only members names, preferred contact method & detail  and numbers for reference.
  8. – Hold regular meetings on a monthly basis with at least one every two months at the Watermill Vat.
  9. – Communicate with each other if bidding on e bay to avoid overbidding.
  10. – Inform Ale & Hearty Project (done via E mail). This project ended in January 2014
  11. – Inform local CAMRA (done via Facebook)
  12. – Obtain an original AOFB Membership Card for group Regalia (successful bid made on e bay Membership No 345957 obtained)
  13. – Obtain an AOFB corkscrew (Now deemed unlikely as only one was thought to made for Bert Tripp)
  14. – Obtain a pennant (a modern version provided in the meantime)
  15. – Create a piffle snonker for future meetings (Now provided with some lateral thought!)
  16. – An AGM to be held on next annual anniversary of the inaugural meeting on a suitable day to be chosen by members (Around 12th November)
  17. – Associate members unable to attend local meetings due to geography can join for a life membership fee of £3 (Three English pounds).
  18. – Two thirds of fines/income to be paid to the chosen charity (see 2 above) at a time of the members choosing. The remaining funds used to provide for suitable expenses including a round of drinks at the AGM.
  19. – Much discussion was made on the subject of personal tankards and although some agreement made there still seems to be differing views. We did agree that the following wording should appear: FOFB No. xyz. As these are personal objects suggest members design their own tankards as long as the afore mentioned wording is included on the engraving.
  20. – Hold out meetings at suitable venues
  21. – All members agreed that a lifetime membership of £5 (Five English pounds) was suitable and all paid cash. An Associate Membership has been introduced for those unable to attend meetings but wish to support the cause. A fee of £3 (Three English pounds) is due.
  22. – Agreed that Red White & Blue apparel be adopted for all future meetings.
  23. – All fines to be held in cash in The Oast Box
  24. – Fines to be reviewed on a regular basis and paid in cash

Date originally issued: 29th January 2014 and updated at the A.G.M. held on 29th October 2014 with the adoption of our new title FOFB At Sussex Vats

Bob Oliver

Senior Blower

Further to the above meeting new rules have been agreed as the organisation has grown:

Rule 5 – A Twitter page was launched in September 2014: @frothblowersvat
Rule 8 – meetings to be held at other adopted VATs as the organisation expands