Royal Vat

Royal Hotel, 8-9 Marine Parade, Eastbourne.

Blower H. W. Ford.

Royal Vat

The Royal Hotel has been a lodging house since Regency times.  It was completely refurbished in the late 1920’s and again most recently in 2009. The hotel is one of the Eastbourne’s original old ‘Sea Houses’  that has offered rest, relaxation and spectacular sea views to Eastbourne’s visitors for over 170 years.

Nowadays the hotel is the only certified eco-friendly guest accommodation in Eastbourne, with a vegetarian kitchen and breakfasts that include freshly squeezed orange juice. As with all hotels in current times there is a no smoking policy at the hotel. Froth blowers in the late 1920s would have expected “beef, beer and baccy” at their Vat!

Pets are welcome to stay at the hotel but children under 12 years old are not. Maybe it is the influence of Bertie’s fearsome Aunt Dahlia who stayed at the hotel in P.G. Woodhouse’s book “Jeeves in the Offing”.