Ritz Vat

Old Cross, 65 North Street, Chichester?

Blower T. G. Purchase.

Ritz Vat 2 (possibly)

Arthur Purchase was landlord of the Old Cross, 65 North Street Chichester for many years from around 1899. Kelly’s directory for 1911 records Mrs Arthur Purchase living at 66 North Street with a T. G. Purchase living at 69 North Street. The Ritz Vat may therefore have been at the Old Cross in the late 1920’s, particularly if Blower T. G. Purchase was a relative of Arthur Purchase.

The Old Cross is located in Chichester City Centre, surrounded by offices and businesses. The pub is now part of the John Barras chain. The Pub’s name comes from the old market cross which was carved in 1503 and is now displayed in the bar.

The pub was burned down and rebuilt in 1928, at which time two random dice were found and set in one of the walls for luck. Maybe the dice had been used by froth blowers pretending to be at the Ritz Casino in London!