A quiz for the 2019 Christmas Lunch:

FOFB Christmas Quiz 2019

Please bring your answers to the Christmas Lunch on Saturday 7th December 2019 (or just have some fun answering the questions in your own time!)

  1. What strength is Harvey’s Bottled Christmas Ale?
  2. What strength is bottled Anchor Christmas Ale (2018 version)?
  3. What strength is Shepherd Neame draught Christmas Ale?
  4. Who brews Cuvee de Noel?
  5. What is the name of Batemans Christmas Ale?
  6. What do Brewdog call their Christmas Ale series
  7. What is the strength of bottled Delerium Christmas ale?
  8. What strength is bottled Bush de Noel
  9. What strength is draught Theakston Christmas ale?
  10. Who brews Jule Maelk?…and what strength is it?