Queens Hotel Saloon Vat

Queens Hotel, Hastings.

Blower C. Rennison.

Queens Hotel Saloon Vat

The Queens Hotel (double click on photo for a better view) was opened in December 1862. The hotel was designed by FH Fowler in a modest Italianate style and proved to be well appreciated by aristocratic visitors.

Originally the building had two cupolas on the roof of the Eastern side, but these have been removed. The hotel also had a much larger forecourt to the front, but this was reduced to make way for seafront widening.

During World War I, the hotel became the home to the RFC Cadet school. First it was the barracks for the Royal Flying Corps, then the Royal Air Force Cadets. Jack Wilson an officer pilot who had transferred from the Machine Gun Corps was here in May, June & July 1918 as part of D Flight, 3 Squadron, RAF Hastings. Speaking in 1992, Jack Wilson has shared his memories of the Hastings Cadet School at the Queens Hotel:


The hotel was badly damaged during the 1987 hurricane and was subsequently closed. The hurricane force winds led to the death of a hotel guest Ronald Davies who was crushed by a fall of bricks. Remaining derelict for many years and passing through several owners, the future of the building was doubtful. Now restored, the building has been developed into luxury flats called Queens Apartments.