Membership Fee’s

When the A.O.F.B was originally  set up a life membership of five shillings was paid that entitled the member to receive a Membership Book containg a set of enamelled silver cufflinks.

Whilst we cannot provide such a munificent reward for membership we ask for a single life membership fee to support the cause.

Local Membership
Members pay a lifetime subscription of £5 and purchase a copy of the “Zestful Gallopers” handbook on The A.O.F.B. available via ebay. Original A.O.F.B. Cufflinks are also regularly found on ebay and members enjoy wearing these for meetings. Associate Membership is also available at £3 for those who want to support the cause but are unable to attend.


To celebrate our 5th anniversary a new FOFB Sussex pin badge is now available to members upon joining. Associate members and additional badges can purchase a badge for just £3. The design is based on the original AOFB Blaster Badge.